The Ner Tamid Lectures #4 “You Oughta Be In Pictures” A History of Jews In Cinema

On October 6, 1927, audiences line up outside the Warner Bros. flagship theater to see the first full-length movie with synchronized audible dialog: The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson.  Movies would be forever changed.

Almost all the major studios in Hollywood were founded by Jewish industry pioneers:

  • Carl Laemmle > Universal Studios (1912)
  • Adolph Zukor > Paramount Studios (1912)
  • Harry Cohn > Columbia Pictures (1919)
  • Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner > Warner Bros. (1923)
  • Marcus Loew > Metro-Goldwyn (1924), becomes Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer also known as MGM
  • David Sarnoff > RKO (1925)

This is their story.

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The Ner Tamid Lectures #3 – The Making of Broadway

The third in my series of lectures delivered at on the Jewish American Experience focusing on how Jewish pioneers shaped the American theater. Tracing the roots from early Purim Shpiels through the Brody Singers to Goldfaden, the Adler family, the musical playwrights of the 1950s, Neil Simon, and Joseph Papp, it is a comprehensive overview of the contributions.

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The Ner Tamid Lectures #2 – The Cry For Social Justice

The second in my series of lectures on the Jewish American Experience this is an examination of the Jewish commitment and contributions to Social Justice in America. Highlights include the role of Jews before and during the Civil War; Brandeis on the Supreme Court; Gompers and AFL; Rabbi Heschel and MLK; Betty Freidan and Womens’ March.

(Requires PowerPoint or Google Slides) 2_Social Justice

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