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Making the Ultimate PC Toolkit

If you are like me and people ask you to fix their computers, you probably carry a set of applications on a USB drive, your PC toolkit. SARDU, developed by Davide Costa, is a meta-tool, an application that lets you create and customize a bootable USB or CD/DVD toolkit. Get it? It is a tool for making a really cool toolkit.

You download and unzip SARDU to your computer. Using a very simple interface, you can add components, as you wish, to create a really powerful and customized bootable USB drive or disc. You can have, for example, more than a dozen anti-virus Rescue discs residing on the same USB, for example. The AVG Rescue disc didn’t clean everything? Well, just run the Bit-Defender Rescue disc.

Can’t get everything sorted that way? Well try going in running one of the Live Linux distros available. Not a Linx fan? There are Windows utilities available as well.

SARDU doesn’t force you to use one over the other. The application lets you pick and choose (although it does manage downloads for some or point you to the websites for others) to create what you want.

SARDU is free for download, although it is certainly worthy of support via donation.

Download from: http://www.sarducd.it/