Voices For Social Change – A Secular Jewish Perspective

Jews in America have always been at the forefront of social change. From Revolutionary War hero Haym Solomon to union activists, feminists and those fighting for our privacy, this is a history of those who raised their voices for social change. Please feel free to download a copy:

Voices for Social Justice Final

My Perfect Gmail Inbox

I use Gmail as my primary mail interface for both personal and some business emails. Overall, Google has done a good job with the toolset to manage mails, but…let’s face it….they also make it easy to become a pack rat. Why shouldn’t you just keep everything? Clutter is okay, but it does make it hard to focus on what is important. Fortunately there are some excellent third-party tools available to help you.

To start off by sorting and cleaning your mailbox, I recommend Mailstorm: My Inbox. See https://mailstrom.co/ Like Gmail itself, there is nothing to download, nothing to install. It is a web-based interface that you simply log on to. It then sorts the mail in your inbox by sender, by age, etc. It makes filing and archiving your emails trivially easy. You can do much the same from within Gmail, but this is easier. Mailstrom’s goal is to help you reach inbox Zero.
Once your inbox has reached manageable size, Unroll.me (https://unroll.me/) is a great tool to manage your subscriptions. Groupon, Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn updates….once you give Unroll.me access to your account, you see a list of subscriptions. You can click down the list to unsubscribe or add your newsletters into a single, once-a-day roll up email, preserving all your coupons but keeping your mail manageable. NOTE: To unlock the full Unroll.me feature set, you need to help them get the word out. Clearly I don’t mind doing that, but just disclosing the requirement. I would happily pay to subscribe to the service.

Mailstrom and Unroll.me are great tools to manage email clutter.

The Lies That Changed America

I have been having a debate with a good friend about the proper place in history for Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. In 50 years, what will people think about today’s whistle blowers? Heroes, traitors or something in the middle?

My contention has always been that a democracy can only exist when there is a free flow of information. Of course, some information must be kept secret in the interests of national security, but that should be kept to a minimum and always subject to review. It is okay to conceal, for example, a specific bombing target, but not to conceal that we have begun bombing a country.

See below for some of the Lies That Changed America:

The Lies That Changed America

Protecting Your Identity On Line With Miicard

Protecting Your On-Line Identity – Like millions of others, I am concerned about protecting my on-line identity. I decided to do something about it and have signed up with miiCard The process was NOT trivial, nor should it be. I had to provide a valid email address, a working number for SMS and then a bank card. Every time I updated something or added information, I needed to verify that by text. Which is the way that it should be. While it is too early to tell how effective it will be, I was pleased with how thorough the process was.




How Making Hardware Drags Software Companies Down

It looks as if it will be a bad day on the stock market for Microsoft, Google and Apple. As I am writing this Microsoft’s stock price has dropped almost 10%. Microsoft took a $900 million charge to write down inventory of the Surface RT, a tablet that no one seems to want. Apparently Microsoft has six million unsold units. There are so many things wrong with this device that I couldn’t list them; suffice to say that it is not the “iPad killer” that it was intended to be.

Google is down over 3% this morning, which still has the stock price close to $900. For the second quarter of 2013 Google had net revenues of $14.1 billion, certainly nothing to sneeze at. But the Motorola division, which had revenues of close to a $1 billion, had an operating loss of $342 million. That should turn around with the eagerly anticipated release of the Moto X phone. In a recent ad, Motorola calls the Moto X the “first smartphone that you can design yourself.”

Apple meanwhile is down just under 1% today, having the best day of the three companies. But there are concerns about the timing of the iPhone 5S and about Apple’s ability to compete for phone sales in emerging markets.

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