The Ner Tamid Lectures #4 “You Oughta Be In Pictures” A History of Jews In Cinema

On October 6, 1927, audiences line up outside the Warner Bros. flagship theater to see the first full-length movie with synchronized audible dialog: The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson.  Movies would be forever changed.

Almost all the major studios in Hollywood were founded by Jewish industry pioneers:

  • Carl Laemmle > Universal Studios (1912)
  • Adolph Zukor > Paramount Studios (1912)
  • Harry Cohn > Columbia Pictures (1919)
  • Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner > Warner Bros. (1923)
  • Marcus Loew > Metro-Goldwyn (1924), becomes Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer also known as MGM
  • David Sarnoff > RKO (1925)

This is their story.

(Requires PowerPoint or Google Slides) 4_You Oughta Be In Pictures

(Requires Acrobat or other PDF reader) 4_You Oughta Be In Pictures

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