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Voices For Social Change – A Secular Jewish Perspective

Jews in America have always been at the forefront of social change. From Revolutionary War hero Haym Solomon to union activists, feminists and those fighting for our privacy, this is a history of those who raised their voices for social change. Please feel free to download a copy:

Voices for Social Justice Final

The Lies That Changed America

I have been having a debate with a good friend about the proper place in history for Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. In 50 years, what will people think about today’s whistle blowers? Heroes, traitors or something in the middle?

My contention has always been that a democracy can only exist when there is a free flow of information. Of course, some information must be kept secret in the interests of national security, but that should be kept to a minimum and always subject to review. It is okay to conceal, for example, a specific bombing target, but not to conceal that we have begun bombing a country.

See below for some of the Lies That Changed America:

The Lies That Changed America

Simon Wiesenthal: The Search for Justice

Simon Wiesenthal

The second in a series of classes on Jewish Heroes and Heroines, this class focuses on the life and accomplishments of Simon Wiesenthal.

Born in 1908 in Austria, Wiesenthal would be sent to a series of concentration camps, including Janowska, Plaszow, and Mauthausen. Although he had been starved to a weight of only 99 pounds at the time of his liberation, Wiesenthal would survive and begin working for the U.S. Army, gathering documentation for Nazi war crime trials. He is credited with the capture of Karl Silberbauer, the Nazi responsible for the arrest of Anne Frank and the capture of Franz Stangl, the one-time commandant of the Treblinka and Sobibor death camps. Wiesenthal also founded the Jewish Documentation Centre, which collects documentation about war crimes and criminals.

Wiesenthal was also honored as a humanitarian, receiving numerous awards that included the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal from the U.S.; the Legion of Honor from France; the Jerusalem Medal and the Liberta Gold Medal from Israel; and the World Tolerance Award.

Please join us for this man’s remarkable story.




The Arab Spring: What Is It, Why Is It Happening and What Does It Mean?

On December 17th, 2010, a young Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire and began a chain of events that would topple governments and resonate throughout the world. Why did he do it? What was the history that led up to that fateful day? What does the Arab Spring as it is called mean to us as Americans, as Jews and what are the implications for the nation of Israel?

Download as PDF from the link below:

The Arab Spring