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On August 13th, 1942, the government of the United States began a project that would change human history. Urged on by physicists Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard and proceeding under the direction of Robert Oppenheimer and involving literally dozens of Jewish physicists, chemists and mathematicians the Manhattan Project would be the greatest work ever undertaken. They knew that they were in a race against the Germans to develop a weapon of mass destruction. The fate of the world hung in the balance.

(Requires PowerPoint or Google Slides) 7_The Men Who Made The Atomic Bomb

(Requires Acrobat or another PDF reader) 7_The Men Who Made The Atomic Bomb


From Tragedy to Comedy: The Origins of Jewish Comedy in America

On February 22nd, 2017 I gave a talk on the Origins of Jewish Comedy in America tracing how the American comedy scene evolved from the often tragic experiences of European Jewry. In Western Europe, Jews were struggling with the issues of assimilation versus identity. In the East, the expansion of the Russian Empire had relegated the Jewish populations of Russia and Poland into the Pale of Settlement. Fleeing to America, Jewish immigrants found themselves living in the ghetto of the Lower East Side. Yet somehow these same conditions gave rise to generations of comics that changed theater, film and television in America.

Follow the story of some of these comic geniuses who learned to Laugh Through The Tears:

Laughing Through The Tears